20 Unsolved Ancient Mysteries That Question Our Knowledge of Human History

Rongorongo Writings

Discovered in the 19th century on the Easter island, Rongorongo is a system that uses glyphs and appears to be writings or proto-writing. The language which is used is assumed to be Rapa Nui which would mean that the name rongorongo translates to recite or to chant out. The glyphs are mainly found on wooden objects. Until this day about two dozen of them have been found with some being heavily burned or damaged in other ways. There have been a lot of fake tablets out there but authentic tablets are written in the alternating directions in a system called reverse boustrophedon. 

The glyphs usually depict animals, humans, and plants and they tend to put a lot of emphases on heads since the direction where creatures look at vary from text to text. As with all ancient texts, there have been a lot of attempts at deciphering scripts written in rongorongo, but to this day only a portion of one tablet has been interpreted somewhat successfully and apparently it was related to the lunar calendar. The leading theory about rongorongo is that it is not even writing but rather protowriting used as a memory aid or for decorative purposes. If this is the case then there is little to no hope of deciphering it.


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