20 Unsolved Ancient Mysteries That Question Our Knowledge of Human History

Puma Punku

Isolated high in the Andes mountains, lies the ancient mysterious ruins of Puma Punku spread across a desert plateau at an altitude over 12,000 feet. The megalithic stones found here are among the largest on the planet measuring up to 26-feet long and weighing more than 100 tons each. Archaeologists are baffled by what Puma Punku was, how it looked and what the purpose of this enormous structure would have been. Mainstream scientists believe that the site was originally constructed about 2000 years ago but in 1945 archaeologist Arthur Posnanski proposed that the structure was much older. By examining the structures and what he believed were the original alignment with the stars, he dated the ruins to 15,000 B.C. We don’t know how old the structure is.

But how could such primitive people living perhaps thousands of years ago have produced such flawless stonework? The Puma Punku remains the most intriguing archaeological sites on the planet.


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