20 Unsolved Ancient Mysteries That Question Our Knowledge of Human History

Linear A

One of yet to be deciphered writing systems from ancient Greece, Linear A is a system which was primarily used for administrative and religious writings. It was discovered by Arthur Evans and was named Linear because all the characters are simply lines inscribed in clay. Linear A was also found on surrounding Greek islands and even as far as Turkey and Israel with a total of 1427 specimens were found. It might be the first syllabary language, meaning that the system uses different symbols to represent syllables rather than pictograms to form complete ideas.

There exist several theories used in attempts to decipher the writing system and a large number of them are based on Linear B, the other language of Greek origin which has been deciphered. To this day, a large number of people have dedicated their time to decipher the language system but no one has been able to discover which language the scripts are in.


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