20 Unsolved Ancient Mysteries That Question Our Knowledge of Human History

Antikythera Mechanism

At the heart of the story of ancient achievement lies a mysterious and arcane machine, one so complex that many have refused to believe that it could have been built by the ancient Greeks. Hidden for centuries beneath the Mediterranean sea encased in thick corrosion, it remained an enigma until 20th-century science glimpsed inside. What they saw inside astonished them. A massive gear and cogs: a machine, but what was it for and who had created it?

The story began in the year 1900 on the Antikythera island when a crew of sponge divers took a 200-feet dive but what awaited at the bottom were not sponges. As they looked around, they saw what appeared to be dead bodies scattered in all directions. What had first appeared to be dead bodies were, in fact, beautiful bronze statues, the remnants of the ancient wreck. Among the wreck was the first mechanical computer invented by the ancient Greeks almost 2000 years ago. The remains of the Antikythera mechanism are now on display at the National Archaeological Museum in Athens, Greece.

It’s a very interesting piece of technology as it serves two purposes. One that it was an astronomical device where you could by using it navigate your way through the sea. It also served as an astrological device used to predict certain future events by the alignment of the planets. But it’s all just guesswork to this day. The device is more complex than the modern-day swiss watches with as much as 29 gears. Are we simply re-discovering ancient technology and is it possible that our ancestors were more advanced than we think of them?


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