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Codex Gigas: The Devil’s Bible

The story begins way back in the year 1213 at a remote monastery in Bohemia. Locked in a cell, a monk pleads for his life. He’s in deadly trouble, his sin has shattered a sacred monastic rule, so offensive it’s kept secret. He’s a benedictine, called the black monks, their funereal rope symbolizes death to the earthly world. They vow poverty, chastity, obedience and endure harsh physical sacrifices: fasting, sleep deprivation and self-flagellation. But the weak fall to temptation, greed, envy and sexual deviance. Punishments are extreme. Solitary confinement, starvation, ex-communication or worse. Somewhere in the monastery elders decide if the fallen monk will live or die. The news is grim. This time tomorrow the monk will be doomed with a slow death, brick by brick. He’s to be walled up alive.

A condemned man fears the torture to come but he has a diabolical inspiration. The monk promises the impossible, he’ll inscribe a massive tone, the greatest book of his age. It will contain the Bible and all human knowledge. It will glorify his monastery forever. Now to prove his penance, he’ll write this colossal creation in one night. The elder scoffs on the monk’s insistence, agree to let him try. Their verdict is clear, finish the book by morning or face sudden death. Page after page he writes till his hand goes numb. By midnight, death looms before him as there’s too much left to do. At his darkest hour, he makes an unholy pact. He asks for help from the fallen archangel Satan. The legend has the demons answered the monk’s call. As the gospels were guided the hand of God, the Codex Gigas is guided by the hand of the devil.

The book initially contained 320 pages when it was first inscribed, but now it has 310 pages in it. The last 10 pages were torn from the book. Where did the remaining 10 pages go and what information did they contain? Moreover, the scholars concluded that from the beginning until the end, every single letter in this book was the work of a single person and it would take a normal human being about 30 years to finish such a piece. Was Coex Gigas really the work of the Devil?


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