20 Unsolved Ancient Mysteries That Question Our Knowledge of Human History

Japan’s Atlantis

Yonaguni is an island located on the western edge of Japan. It looks like some sort of ruins. Is it an artificial or an extremely rare natural formation?

In 1987 in nearby waters, divers made a shocking discovery. A massive complex of stone formations lay hidden a mere 60 feet beneath the ocean surface. Experts call it one of the greatest discoveries in the history of the underwater archaeology. “What’s intriguing about the complex at Yonaguni is that there are a whole range of monuments pretty much side by side, and this to my eye looks unmistakably to be the work of human beings, not the action of the ocean on the different layers of stones,” said Graham Hancock, author of the book, UNDERWORLD: THE MYSTERIOUS ORIGINS OF CIVILIZATIONS.

Submerged beneath 60 to 100 feet of water, the largest of the formations resemble a massive 5-layered step pyramid, the size of two football fields. According to scholars, the ancient Japanese people could not have built this monument. Who did? And how? Some theorists believe they know the answer. “There are speculations that the extraterrestrial created the Yonaguni monument as the engineering is beyond the capacity of the stone age civilizations.”

Ancient astronaut theorists also believe that the key to the Yonaguni mystery is found in its global positioning. Strangely, the complex lies within an area of the pacific long suspected of extraterrestrial activity. It’s called the Dragon’s Triangle. Is it a coincidence that the Earth’s 25th parallel north cuts through both the Bermuda Triangle and the Dragon’s Triangle. Japan has declared this a disaster area. Don’t fly through it, stay the heck away, because if you go in there terrible things can happen to you.


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