20 Unsolved Ancient Mysteries That Question Our Knowledge of Human History

The London Hammer

This was accidentally discovered by Max and Emma Hahn in 1936. When the married couple was out on a walk, they saw something unusual poking out from a piece of rock which they then decided to take home to check out. The artifact dubbed “The London Hammer” is believed to have been around 500 million years old. In other words, it existed even before there were humans. So the question is, how in the hell there could have been a hammer when dinosaurs roamed the Earth. Well, the leading scientific theory is that it’s just a natural phenomenon. The minerals within the rock turn into iron due to time in the elements. However, considering that the material that the London hammer is made of is 96% iron. It’s hard to think that technology wasn’t involved in its creation so it’s still a huge mystery as to where exactly this ancient tool comes from.

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