20 Unsolved Ancient Mysteries That Question Our Knowledge of Human History

The Copper Scroll Treasure

First discovered in a cave(Qumran Caves) in 1947, the Dead Sea Scrolls are perhaps the most important artifacts in biblical archaeology. A collection of almost 800 manuscripts has shed new light on the old testament. Among the Dead Sea Scrolls, is a manuscript that raises far more questions than answers. It’s called the Copper Scroll. It’s unlike anything else ever found in the ancient world. Archaeologists discovered it in 1952 when they were searching for other Dead Sea Scrolls but this scroll, in particular, was different.

The other scrolls were either written on papyrus or leather but oddly this manuscript was etched in pure copper, a rare and expensive material in the ancient world. No one knows when they were written and why but there are some intriguing stories that are definitely worth a look. The scroll mentions details of a hidden treasure somewhere in Palestine. It’s a symbol but cryptic list of some 60 plus treasures. By some accounts, the treasure amounts to a billion dollars worth of gold and silver. This is a quantity so vast that many scholars originally thought that this is some kind of legendary tabulation, others dismissed it as a hoax. Most experts now say that the Copper Scroll is a genuine document, the locations described, however, remains a mystery.

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