20 Unsolved Ancient Mysteries That Question Our Knowledge of Human History

Nasca Lines

Artifacts provide us with the crucial evidence we need to understand ancient civilizations but sometimes unearthing the past only adds to the mystery, like the Nasca lines in Peru. Enormous geometric shapes drawn on the earth that cover an area about 300 square miles. For decades archaeologists have wondered if the Nasca were simply creating art or communicating with the gods. It wasn’t until humans took flight during the 20th century that the lines were truly revealed and a mystery was born. Why would the Nasca create terrestrial designs that could only be observed from the sky?

Due to their enormous size, the figures can only be fully recognized from the sky but time has taken its toll on these lines and many have become difficult to see from an airplane. So far, archaeologists have identified 70 animal and plate designs, 300 geometric figures and over 800 straight lines extending up to 30 miles. The Nasca lines have received multiple interpretations. Early researchers thought that these lines were basically a mirror of heaven as some lines are figures of the sun, the moon, and the stars. While some theorists insist that these lines were a way to communicate with the extraterrestrial. There are other theories that suggest that this was nothing but a runway or some sort of guide for the “aliens” who visited our planet. Were they created with geographical, astronomical or religious intent? Was it all the above or could it have been something else entirely?


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