13 Times Psychics Solved Seemingly Unsolvable Crimes

Since ancient times, people have sought advice and counsel from psychics—or those claiming to be. But it’s only in the past century or so that psychics have been credited with solving seemingly unsolvable crimes like these.

The Persistence of Ashley Howley

In 2004, 20-year-old Ashley Howley disappeared from the town of Columbus, Ohio. While the case went cold, Ashley, or rather, her spirit, was diligently trying to communicate with Kristy Robinett, a Michigan spiritual medium who spoke about helping law enforcement solve crimes like this one. Ashley’s spirit, which according to Robinett, needed time to figure out how to get her message across, eventually told Robinett she’d been murdered by her boyfriend and where her body could be found. In 2008, her body was found in the very spot she said it would be marked by a stick. Howley’s case was eventually solved and her boyfriend was brought to justice.


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