18-Year-Old From California Stumble Upon A Lost Wallet Stacked With $1500 Cash Leaves Everyone Baffled With His Decision

Preparing For A Feast

In the era of digital currency and all these cards that allow us transactions at the drop of a hat, one really doesn’t need to carry a sum as large as $1500 in their pocket but Mr. Vang had his reason. “With that cash, we were planning to go shopping with it for a feast,” Melissa later explained. They had been saving this money to throw someone special a party but now they are simply disheartened as all the money is gone. There aren’t always happy endings in real life. However, the wallet and the enormous amount of $1500 are already in the possession of a teenager who’s in desperate need of money. Long before Mr. Vang had realized. Was he too late in blocking his cards? What is he going to do with it?

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