5 Times Reddit Solved Seemingly Unsolvable Mysteries

In today’s golden age of the internet, it seems like every day a new mystery goes viral. However, sometimes internet users are able to pool their collective knowledge and actually solve some of these bizarre mysteries. Let’s explore some of the scary mysteries that have been solved by Reddit users.

5. The Strongsville Skeleton

In the subreddit called r/UnsolvedMysteries, a place full of scary mysteries, you can find countless cases of missing persons that haven’t been found and murders that haven’t been solved. In the case of the Strongsville skeleton, the detective work started by one user actually led to a break in the case that allowed the mystery to be solved by Reddit.
The case revolves around a skeleton found by three boys while they were exploring the woods near Strongsville, Ohio in 1975. The skeleton wore no clothes and its mandible was missing. Investigators determined that the skeleton belonged to a woman between the ages of 18 and 25 and that the cause of death had been a shot to the head. That is where the case went cold. Authorities scoured countless reports of young women who had gone missing but were unable to find a match for the eerie skeleton that had been left in the woods.

In 2015, 40 years after the skeleton had been discovered, the case made its way to Reddit. The user who posted the story, u/callmeice, decided to do some detective work. They contacted the Strongsville police and actually obtained some additional information from the case file, including a photo of the skeleton’s skull. The photo made its way to WebSlueth where a user who worked as a forensic artist used the picture of the skull to draw a recreation of what the woman’s face may have looked like.

Once he had his drawing, he compared it to missing person listings online and found a match: 17-year-old Linda Pagano, who went missing in Akron, Ohio in 1974 after getting into a fight with her stepfather. The match was reported to police, who confirmed it with Linda’s dental records, bringing closure to Linda’s family and the Reddit community.

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