5 Times Reddit Solved Seemingly Unsolvable Mysteries

3. The Box of Crazy

Unlike the previous scary mysteries on this list, the Box of Crazy is an original story that a user named u/TramStopDan posted to Reddit in 2014. In the post, the user describes the contents of a wooden box that they found near a trash can. The contents ranged from the banal to the bizarre, and the user hoped that by documenting the contents, the creepy mystery could be solved by Reddit.

u/TramStopDan clearly had a flair for the dramatic. He first posted pictures of some of the more mundane items in the box, such as maps and technical drawings. However, things start to get interesting when you scroll to the photos of a drawing suggesting that the “artist saw something in Tampa, FL in 1977 that changed him.” The drawing appears to depict an alien abduction.

From there, the drawings get even more bizarre. The artist begins to draw depictions of entities that appear to blend extraterrestrial and religious elements. There was also a handwritten note describing an alien invasion that had apparently been covered up by the government.

Reddit users were fascinated by the drawings and accompanying notes. Many believed that the artist had, in fact, witnessed an alien visit and these drawings were his attempt to document the encounter. Users pointed to the precise, almost mathematical, skill of the drawings as proof that the man was of sound mind.

However, another user, u/Flyboy_Will, who was well-versed in the Bible, provided another explanation. He stated that the artist “was obsessed with ‘living creatures’ described in Ezekiel 10 that are described as having four faces: ‘the first face was the face of a cherub, and the second face was the face of a man, and the third the face of a lion, and the fourth the face of an eagle.’” Others added onto the comment, speculating that the artist might have been a schizophrenic who obsessed over the idea of finding evidence of aliens in the Bible.

Although there is no way to prove that this theory is accurate, the community has accepted the explanation and considers the case solved by Reddit.

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