5 Times Reddit Solved Seemingly Unsolvable Mysteries

2. The Extension Cord Enigma

In 2014, a Reddit user called u/shadybusiness15 took to the site hoping that their own mystery could be solved by Reddit. The case quickly became one of the most legendary scary mysteries of the Internet.

According to the post, the user, a young student, had a scary moment when an extension cord in their room violently blew a fuse. While waiting for maintenance to come by, they decided to open up the power strip to see how bad the damage was. That’s when they found something that seemed oddly out of place.

The object appeared to be an old SIM card stamped with a serial number: something that would not typically be found in an extension cord. The user went to Reddit to find out if anyone had a possible explanation for what the mysterious piece of electronic equipment could have been doing inside of the extension cord. The answers were shocking.

According to more knowledgeable members of the Reddit community, the SIM card was clearly attached to a microphone, suggesting that the contraption was a recording device meant to spy on whatever was happening near the device and record the information. Although Reddit was able to solve the mystery of what the object was, it opened up a larger question: what was it doing there?

According to u/shadybusiness15, they had no idea who would have wanted to spy on them. They didn’t think their parents could be the culprit and described themselves as not interesting enough to be of interest to police or the government. They eventually decided to place a call to a phone number they located on the SIM card, but only received a message saying “the service is now closed and if you have voicemail you can turn it on.” They decided to directly contact the manufacturer of the SIM card but was told that they would need a warrant for additional information.

Users are still speculating about the origin of the mysterious bug.

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