5 Times Reddit Solved Seemingly Unsolvable Mysteries

1. The Cryptic Post-It Notes

This bizarre case began with a user, u/RBradbury1920, asking Reddit for legal advice in 2016. The user described a disturbing situation in which they found mysterious post-it notes around their home with handwriting on them that they didn’t recognize.

The contents of the notes were fairly banal: typically, reminders of tasks they should complete. One note said, “Our landlord isn’t letting me talk to you, but it’s important we do.” By this point, the user had set up a webcam to help solve the mystery but discovered that the footage had been deleted and the computer’s trash had been emptied. The user found no other signs of a break-in but they were understandably disturbed and asked Reddit for help.

One user who came across the post asked u/RBradbury1920 if they noticed having headaches recently. They pointed out that it seemed like u/RBradbury1920 had been writing the notes and forgetting about them. They stated that headaches and memory loss were possible signs of exposure to carbon monoxide.

After reading this comment, u/RBradbury1920 put up a carbon monoxide detector and discovered dangerous amounts of CO in their home. They immediately sought medical attention and had the problem in their apartment addressed. Other users lauded the commenter for saving the poster’s life, and the poster used Reddit’s tipping system to send their savior $10.

The case of the cryptic post-its is one of the few scary mysteries solved by Reddit that actually has a happy ending. However, it should still serve as a dire warning for anyone else who reads it.

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