8 Uplifting Stories Through The Week To Light Up Your Mood

Thank God it’s Saturday. The weekend is finally here and we want you to kick-start it on a happy note. We have come up with several stories that inspire courage, happiness, and hope; taking place a couple of days ago. Today, we explore a few awe-inspiring tales of heartwarming relationships, overcoming failure, stories of daredevils, a 4-year old record holder, a cyclist who defied all the odds and whatnot…

#8. No Longer Britain’s Worst Team

Who doesn’t love a good underdog story? And when it comes to the world of sport, perhaps, there’s no bigger underdog than the Fort William FC, a club dubbed as “Britain’s worst football team.” After a dreadful losing streak that lasted for 840 days, William FC finally pulled off an unexpected yet sweet victory this last Wednesday after beating Nairn County 5-2 in the North of Scotland Cup.

However, the last season, in particular, was indeed the most miserable of them all in the history of the club. While finishing last in the Highland League was already embarrassing enough, they did it with a 0% win record and a whopping -224 goal difference. The fallout of such failure was that the entire board resigned from their duties and the team then had to fill their ranks with teenagers. The club’s failure managed to get all the negative attention and just when things couldn’t get any worse, BBC Scotland decided to film a documentary about it. Ironically, the documentary was scheduled to air the same week when Fort William FC ultimately won a match.

The team’s manager, Russel McMorgan was at the peak of his enthusiasm, calling the week “nothing short of phenomenal.”

This story that marks “overcoming failure” has earned itself a spot on our list of this week’s uplifting news. Read the full article for more such stories…


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