9 Conspiracy Theories That Are Quite Real

The CIA Funded The Dalai Lama

Conspiracy Theory: 

“The Dalai Lama is a CIA agent.”


According to a declassified document, the CIA funded the Tibetan exile moment for much of the 1960s by providing a sum of $1.7 million per year, including an annual subsidy of  $180,000 to the Dalai Lama. CIA’s support for the Tibetans began in 1964  and ended within four years after the Nixon administration’s diplomatic opening to China.
“The purpose of the program . . . is to keep the political concept of an autonomous Tibet alive within Tibet and among foreign nations, principally India, and to build a capability for resistance against possible political developments inside Communist China,” explains one memo.

The budget figures for the CIA’s Tibetan program are contained in a memo dated Jan. 9, 1964.
“Support of 2,100 Tibetan guerrillas based in Nepal: $500,000,” the document says. “Subsidy to the Dalai Lama: $180,000.” After listing several other costs, it concludes: “Total: $1,735,000.” Another document suggests that these annual expenses continued until 1968, however, the sum was cut short to $1.2 million dollars.

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