9 Conspiracy Theories That Are Quite Real

Operation Mockingbird

Conspiracy Theory:

“The CIA is spying on American journalists and controlling the media.”


Operation Mockingbird was carried out by CIA in 1963, 1972 and 1973, which monitored the members of the Washington press corps, including wiretapping their phones and setting up spies across the street from their offices to track their comings and goings and their visitors. The CIA also paid journalists to publish its propaganda. Mockingbird was uncovered by the Church Committee after the Watergate scandal. John F. Kennedy secretly recorded Operation Mockingbird conversations in the Oval Office. They are now part of The Presidential Recordings.

According to the tapes that President John F. Kennedy secretly recorded in the Oval Office, on August 22, 1962, JFK and Director of Central Intelligence John McCone discussed a plan for the CIA to wiretap members of the Washington press corps. The president told McCone to set up a domestic task force to stop the flow of secrets from the government to the newspapers. The order violated the agency’s charter, which specifically prohibits domestic spying. Long before Nixon created his “plumbers” unit of CIA veterans to stop news leaks, Kennedy used the agency to spy on Americans. Kennedy set the precedent for monitoring civilians, but it was also practiced in the Johnson, Nixon, George W. Bush and Obama administrations.

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