9 Conspiracy Theories That Are Quite Real

Canada Tried To Develop ‘Gaydar’

Who doesn’t love Canada? Well, the 1960’s Canada wasn’t quite the utopia it seems to be today.

Conspiracy Theory:

“The Canada government was so paranoid about homosexuality that it developed a gaydar machine.”


In the 1960s, the government hired a university professor, Frank Robert, to develop a way to detect homosexuality in federal employees.  The device claimed to work by measuring how much a subject’s pupils dilated after being forced to look at same-sex erotic imagery. They maliciously called it “fruit machine,” with the stated goal of getting all gay men out of the country’s government. The Canadian government used it to fire more than 400 men from civil service, the military, and the Mounties and 9,000 more were kept on a file of “suspects.”

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