9 Conspiracy Theories That Are Quite Real

The Gulf of Tonkin Incident

Conspiracy Theory:

“The Gulf of Tonkin incident on August 2, 1964, was faked to provoke American support for the Vietnam War.”


On August 2, 1964, the USS. Maddox opened fire on what it later claimed were several North Vietnamese targets. The skirmish deepened America’s involvement in the Vietnam War, leading to the death of thousands of U.S. soldiers and many more Vietnamese, including hundreds of thousands of civilians. Except, the Gulf of Tonkin attack that started the Vietnam War never happened. In 1964, President Lyndon Johnson told the public that U.S. ships were attacked by the Vietnamese, enraging American citizens and in turn making them support the war. A year afterward, Johnson himself said: “For all I know, our Navy was shooting at whales out there”. And, in 2005 documents were released that confirmed the whole attack was fabricated to support the war.

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