Advertisement Fails: Outrageous Ads From The Past

What does our history teach us? Sure, a lot of things but most of all: lessons. Advertisements have been an intrinsic part of our history and it is beyond the simple definition of promoting goods and services. Take Branding for instance, people relate themselves to a certain company or say an organization and advertisements play a vital role in doing so. Creating a Brand Image! However, these vintage advertisements portrayed many questionable opinions and ideas which were socially unacceptable. They aren’t around anymore but this is what they looked like…

Catsup Bottle- Easy For ‘Women’ To Open

The ad legit has the rhetorical question “You mean a woman can open it?”. If this isn’t enough the ad goes on to taunt women even more by adding they don’t need a knife, a bottle opener (it’s fine up to here) or even a husband (what?). It is so weird that people 50 years ago believed a woman can’t even open a bottle without the help of the husband. Literally, no woman is such a damsel in distress to need a man to do such a mundane task of opening a bottle, there is no show of masculinity here. Opening a bottle is just a matter of physics unless it is jammed of course- one doesn’t have to be a woman or a man to open a bottle.

This is just the beginning of these many stupid Ads.


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