Archaeologists Discover A 21-inch Penis-Shaped Rock In Sweden Which Was Apparently Used For Sacrificial Fertility Rituals

This past week, Archaeologists in Sweden discovered what appears to be a penis-shaped stone. The 21-inch rock that resembles the shape of a penis is believed to have served as a site for sacrificial fertility rituals. The rock was discovered when the Swedish archaeologists were excavating a site in Rollsbo near Gothenburg. The rock was initially mistaken for a Bronze Age grave but further excavations unearthed dozens of animal bones within close vicinity of this phallic stone. No human bones were found during the excavation and the researchers thus hypothesized that animals might have been slaughtered as part of some ritual at this very site between 1800 and 500 BC.

In an interview with a local paper the Goteborgs-Posten, Archaeologist Gisela Ängeby agreed that there was no doubting that the rock was c**k-like.

She said: “It has a distinct phallus shape. I thought when I came across it that ‘oh my god it can’t be true’.

“I showed the picture to colleagues and there is no discussion, it has a very penis-like shape.

“I believe that in connection with the erection, it was used to offer sacrifices, for example within the framework of a fertility cult.”

While to many of us(including me), rocks sculpted into the shape of penises are somewhat strange and funny, it’s not that rare for archaeologists to cross paths with such phallic symbols. Having said that, even Ms. Ängeby admitted that “this 21-inch stone is quite a unique find.”

“Remaining stones in the middle of stone paving are not uncommon, neither are phallus symbols. But just the way it is designed is a little special. It is partially weathered and then processed. And that’s how the shape has been reinforced.” She exclaimed.

Like any other artifact that archaeologists stumble upon, this stone will further be scrutinized in an attempt to understand its nature i.e, how and when it was used before it makes its way into a museum for display. What a sight would that be to hold? Who said museums were boring?

While this penis-shaped rock might have served a special ceremonial purpose back in the BC era, carving out a penis and two balls is done ordinarily as some sort of mockery today. For instance, it was only last month when “a giant penis was mowed into a field under the Stansted Airport flight path to welcome Donald Trump.” The weird scene was cut by Born Eco alongside the message, “Oi Trump’, ahead of his state visit to the United Kingdom.

Source: Born Eco

Born Eco is an eco-friendly online marketplace and this is what they had to say about the whole thing on Twitter: “Guess who’s been busy today mowing a stiff message for Trump under the Stansted flightpath… Please share and let’s see how far we can spread the welcome!”

We guess not much have changed after thousands of years as the shape of a penis is still being used to serve an important societal function- instead of sculpting a rock, we’re shaping grass into a giant penis so that a world leader can see it from his plane.

… If only our ancestors could see it now – they’d be damn proud of us.

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