Fat To Fit: Scientifically Proven Weight-Loss Tips That Actually Work

While one must embrace themselves and be confident in their skin, however, an unhealthy and obese body can foster many health hazards that are well known to everyone. Whether you want to lose excess weight for health benefits or to fit into those old dresses without having to hug them tight. It turns out that you can still achieve your body goals without going through the stress of vigorous work-outs.

Every method on this list is scientifically proven to lose body fat and making them a part of your lifestyle will sculpt you from fat to fit. These steps are easy to follow and are not at all time-consuming.


A glass of water has little to zero calories. It is indeed a slim down drink if used a certain way. Drinking 17 ounces(half-liter) of water about half an hour before your meals can boost up your metabolism by 24-30% which further helps in burning off those few more calories. Those stick-figure Victoria secret’s models drink about 3.5 gallons of water a day to stay in shape. Moreover, mint extracts and lemon juice added in water will keep you hydrated this summer. You can add flavors simply for taste or, to meet the right amount of daily water intake.

While adopting this method alone may not do wonders for you, the results are still pretty much visible. However, when combined with other methods that we are about to recommend, you can drop those extra pounds as fast as it comes.

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