Secrets And Magic of Alternative Medicines

The subject of alternative approaches to healing has always had about it an aura of mystique. But also of controversy, as its methods remain largely untested by science. In our times, however, it’s becoming ever more obvious that the very act of splitting medicine into conventional and alternative might be flawed. Indeed, many doctors trained in Western medicine are now in favor of incorporating in their clinical practice alternative methods that have shown practical results. Most of these forms of healing come from a time when the idea of crossing the boundaries into other worlds of realities used to be perfectly natural. Contemporary medicine, by contrast, tends to ignore psychosocial factors and the spiritual dimension of existence. Let us now examine ten of the most impressive disciplines from the marvelous and mysterious world of alternative medicine.

#10. Magical Hands

One of the most miraculous tools of alternative medicines is perhaps also one of the simplest and therefore, most mysterious. The Human hand. When we’re injured, we instinctively put a hand on the wound. We use our hands to express powerful, positive emotions… compassion, love, friendship. Hands have been used in arcane ceremonies and rituals since ancient times. In the Bible, we find frequent references to the hand of God, while Jesus uses his hands to heal the sick and perform miracles. “He laid his hands on a few sick folks and healed them,” we read in the Gospel of Saint Mark. There are numerous examples throughout history of individuals with healing powers who lay their hands on people’s injuries. Many independent accounts suggest that they were, in fact, using their ability to connect to a vibrational field and replenish and repair it.

One of the longest established methods is Reiki, developed and propagated by a Japanese monk named Mikao Usui a hundred years ago. Reiki literally means “heavenly energy” and is considered to be identical to the method that Jesus used when healing the sick. By laying on hands, the healer is able to relax disruptions and blockages of the life force. He receives energy from the universe and transfers it to the patient. This healing energy is well known in ancient cultures. In China, it is known as chi, in India, shakti or purana. One remarkable innovative process that uses hands as tools is reconnective healing.

The aim of the reconnection method is to restore an optimum balance. The healer does not lay his hands only on the problematic area but connects to a complex spectrum of healing frequencies. These are composed of energy, light, and information. And the result can often be quite extraordinary. The ancient power of the human hands to heal the sick and keep our bodies in a healthy equilibrium is timeless. It is one tool that would never be outdated.


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