Secrets And Magic of Alternative Medicines

#1. Darkness Therapy

Much like holotropic breathing, darkness therapy is also a holistic experience. Its result is an expanded state of mind following several days spent in total darkness in voluntary sensory deprivation, accompanied by a wide spectrum of psychic images, impressions, emotions, visions, and the sudden reemergence of distant memories, often in a very intense fashion. Although this initiation into self-awareness, known as dhyantic originally comes from Tibet, a country with an immense spiritual tradition and history, it can also be found in the myths and legends of other cultures, where the hero is swallowed by darkness so that he can reemerge transformed.

According to those who have experienced it, time spent in the dark in silence is an effective pathway into the soul, a way of self-discovery and self-determination. However, darkness therapy cannot work without inner discipline. Especially during the first three days in the dark, in silence and solitude when we are literally crushed and tortured by our dissolving ego, the need for self-discipline is imperative. Losing the linear flow of time and space awareness is a challenge not everyone can handle, but if we succeed, the results can be quite amazing. Through darkness therapy, you can lower your cholesterol levels and body weight, get rid of stress and symptoms of neurosis, learn to sleep longer and better, and generally improve your quality of life.

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