Secrets And Magic of Alternative Medicines

#9. Herbalism Saved My Life

One of the most popular tools of alternative medicine and one that is unjustly overlooked by conventional medicine is herbalism. The secret knowledge of herbs… what can they cure, which may be combined, when should they be gathered, how should they be prepared and tested, is an ancient art almost akin to alchemy. In other words, nothing of interest to a pharmaceutical industry that churns out tons and tons of standardized pills. Herbs, as we know from countless written sources and reliable testimonies, carry a healing power not only of their own but also through substances that can form connections with distant celestial bodies.

Some plants are connected to particular planets. And if you know which, it can strengthen or weaken their healing effects. It’s worth noting that the original inhabitants of North America used 2,500 different kinds of herbs. Shamanic traditions from various cultures share the belief that various magical plants are related to the four elements: fire, water, air, and earth. Each plant is unique in its strength and intensity. Moreover, all plants are connected by invisible sources, and, even though science refuses to admit it, are capable of communication.

Image: Jimson weed

Among those with the greatest magical power are not only healing plants but also plants that are poisonous or psychoactive, such as belladonna, jimson weed, iboga… or some kinds of vine. Even in these days of modern medicine and pharmacology, herbalism is still much respected and appreciated form of treatment. That respect must be shared by practitioners, who, in order to penetrate its secrets, require both knowledge and humility.


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