Secrets And Magic of Alternative Medicines

#8. Sound Healing

Sound healing is a unique healing method that is as ancient as mankind itself. Recent experiments have confirmed that the sound range we are able to perceive can be split into two groups: sounds that exhaust or deplete us and sounds that replenish, and sometimes even heal us. Scientific research has shown that our brains are dependent on sensory input. One study claims we need as many as three million stimuli every second, at least four and a half hours a day. Sound is therefore vitally important, especially the type of sound that recharges us.

At a Benedictine monastery in France, most of the monks were found to be suffering from chronic exhaustion. Everyone was at a loss as the situation worsened. Tomatis(French otolaryngologist), discovered that that the monks had been used to singing up to six hours a day, but that this regime had changed with the arrival of a new abbot who ordained that instead of singing, the monks should spend that time in silent, or at most, spoken prayer. Tomatis was convinced that the monks had been recharging themselves by singing and that the loss of this power source resulted in a depletion of their energy. He was proved right when singing was reintroduced.

Image: Alfred Angelo Tomatis

If you were to analyze the sonic structure of Gregorian chant in detail, you would find that all its tones are pitched within a range that provides the ear with energy. It encompasses the entire spectrum of the human voice, from 70 hertz to 9 kilohertz… only differently packaged and accompanied by sympathetic frequencies, unlike those of human speech. Our ancestors, who had less technology, but more time to think and speculate, understood the role of the ear far better and were aware of its positive impact and healing potential. For centuries, healers in India have used a method based on sound: mantra yoga. Rhythmically repeated sounds can induce a state of trance in shamans as well as teenagers in rave. No can resist the pulsing beat of a drum, or other percussive instruments. Small wonder that parties relying on these and other consciousness-altering techniques are more popular than ever.


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