Secrets And Magic of Alternative Medicines

#4. Arise And Go

The effectiveness of many healing methods whether they be rooted in alternative or in conventional medicine is to a large extent dependent on the mental condition of the patient and their own belief that they will get better. A nice example of this took place in 2013 during the traditional Sunday Mass in the Vatican. Pope Francis told the crowd he had a cure for their sick hearts and held up a small package, like something you might buy at a pharmacy. It turned out that the Vatican had had 20,000 of these made. Inside the package, however, were no miracle pills but prayer beads, a practical prayer accessory. The Pope’s gift was more than an entertaining gesture of goodwill, it also underlined and important truth. Faith, will, determination. All these are essential if we are to be truly healed.

Although many miraculous healings have been reported from places of pilgrimage, such as the Christian sites of Lourdes, Santiago de CompostelaMedjugorje, or Islam’s Mecca… the faith that heals is not, strictly speaking, related only to religion. It’s more about our ability to work with our own self, on a conscious and unconscious level. Other healing or awareness techniques that enable communication with the unconscious but work on a simpler, lower level, are autosuggestion and hypnosis. All these methods have the capacity to develop our minds and significantly increase the quality of our lives. Remarkably, however, science has so far been unable to decode the brain processes that take place during such sessions.


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