Secrets And Magic of Alternative Medicines

#3. My Past Life

Regression therapy is one of the most controversial methods of alternative medicine, but also one of the most popular with patients. It’s based on the assumption that every problem has a cause. If we can remove that cause, the problem will disappear. If the cause is rooted in a past trauma rather than a recent event or injury, regression therapy can be of great help. The key is in asking the right questions. Is it really possible to connect to something that we could call our past life?

Regression therapy assumes that our physical body possesses an immortal soul, and that all its incarnations from birth to death are contained in minute detail in the universe around us. During regression therapy, a kind of conscious search of our subconscious, it’s possible to open a record or file stored in our subconscious and find out whether we used to be princess or frogs or mere mosquitos. It turns out that during regression therapy, we are incapable of lying. We’re able to recall facts and dates from the distant past. Often, we find out that we’ve been working in the same job over and over because we keep making the same mistake. Can these principles be explained from a scientific point of view? Probably not anytime soon. At least certainly not before the scientists change their skeptical insistence that motion through time is an absolute impossibility. Meanwhile, an important positive outcome for people who’ve undergone regression therapy is that they’re able to draw moral consequences from their newly acquired knowledge and are committed to not accumulating any more life debt.


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