Secrets And Magic of Alternative Medicines

 #2. Amazing Breathwork

Even if you are skeptical about some of these ways of accessing our deepest self, there is a method that can reach into our subconscious in a way that is difficult to doubt. It’s based on ancient shamanic methods and was reconstructed and adapted for modern times by a Czech psychiatrist named Stanislav Grof. It is known worldwide as holotropic breathwork. Put simply, the technique involves entering an altered state of mind through intensive breathwork under the supervision of a facilitator. According to Grof, it is essentially a healing process that combines directed breathing and specifically selected music or other auditory input with the aim of systematically releasing the patient’s often deeply blocked energy.

The subject lies on their back and breathes deeply for about 20 minutes as if they were walking uphill. As their consciousness expands, it often releases very strong emotions. They begin talking, weeping or screaming, often reliving experiences related to their birth, retrieving memories that are stored very deep in our brains but that have immense implications for our mental well-being. Nobody knows exactly why hyperventilation and the change in blood acidity it produces has these effects on humans. Whatever the cause, people who’ve taken part in breathwork seminars almost always come back again and again.


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