The Most Downright Brutal Insults of Reddit’s Roast Me From This Week.

In this day and age, it doesn’t take much to offend people on social media. A bunch of personal comments should suffice to pull someone’s trigger and almost everyone gets easily butthurt about everything. However, the sub-Reddit, r/RoastMe stands out from the rest of the social media by offering a place where people can have a good laugh at each other’s expense. Isn’t that funny?

If you upload a photo of yourself and ask people to roast you, you better not get offended because you literally signed up for this.

We bring you the most downright brutal insults of Reddit’s Roast Me from this week.

#1. F**k Me Up

That was all the OP had to say in her post submission and she got served

#2. I Need The Laughs

OP’s Bio: 25 crippled, divorced. Might be laid off but it’s still not stopping me. Roast me. I need the laughs. Do your worst

#3. My Teacher Is Getting Promoted Today So We All Want You To Roast Him

OP’s Bio: He taught our school for 18 years and is super picky about yarn so we call hi, a yarn nazi

#4. Lay It on Me Kids

OP’s Bio: Alright, you know the drill kids. It’s my 103rd birthday. Lay it on me!

#5. Do Your Worst

OP’s Bio: 21 y/old with no job or education. Do your worst

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