Unsolved Mysteries: 50 Strange Cases From The States of America


March 3, 1956, the late evening of Alabama begins to rain as brothers Billy Howard and Robert Earl Dye along with their cousin Dan Brasher are about to leave their relative’s house situated in the northern Jefferson County. They drive off to Robinhood in Billy’s 1947 green Ford to attend a party before vanishing into the dark Alabama night. The trio does not return home the next morning and their families are not all concerned. Why? The three hold a reputation of heavy drinkers and had inebriated or say drunk themselves into stupor last night. Relatives assume they are sleeping off their hangovers in a cell somewhere. Days go by and there is no word from any of the three and it is when their cousin, Curtis Brasher, and his father start to search every jail between Morris and Decatur but to no avail. The family then files a missing person’s report in the Jefferson County Sheriffs Department.

No one will see or hear from them ever again. There are numerous theories as to what could have possibly happened. From the three being murdered at the party to rumors circulating about an execution-style shooting that took place in a Blount County cave. While others speculated that the men were dumped at an abandoned coal shaft after strands of human hair were discovered at the site. No evidence confirmed any of the stories and the official investigation failed to come to any conclusion. What happened to these men on that fateful day remains a mystery to this day.

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