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Hawaii: What happened to Lisa Au

Lisa Au was last seen alive on January 21st, 1982, she went to her boyfriend’s sister’s apartment for dinner. Her boyfriend ended up finding her car that afternoon parked along a highway. Lisa had disappeared without a trace. After that, there was an all-out search through nearby Kawai Nui Marsh, other parts of Kailua and Waimānalo. But after days of searching, police feared the worst. Lisa’s purse was still in the car when it was found but her driver’s license and car registration were missing. Witnesses also reported seeing a car with blue flashing grill lights behind Lisa’s car. That led to speculation that someone posing as a police officer or even a real police officer had something to do with it.

On January 31st, 10 days after her car was found abandoned in Kailua, a jogger and his dog found Lisa’s body in the brush on Tantalus in Makiki, her body naked and decomposing. Her body was decomposed to the point where it was not possible to identify the cause of death. Still, her death was classified as a homicide but no one was ever arrested or charged with her murder due to lack of evidence. The Lisa Au murder went cold more than 30 years ago but it’s a case many people in Hawaii have never forgotten about.

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