Unsolved Mysteries: 50 Strange Cases From The States of America

Iowa: The boy with no appetite

It all started in 2013, Landon Jones woke up one day with no desire to eat or drink. He was dizzy and severely congested. A chest x-ray revealed a bacterial infection in his left lung and although that eventually went away, Landon’s ability to feel hungry or thirsty never returned. However, the boy can taste, swallow and digest food normally, his body no longer tells him when he’s thirsty or hungry. He’s lost tens of pounds ever since. The doctors believe the problem could lie in the boy’s hypothalamus, the pea-sized portion of the brain that regulates hunger, thirst and essential functions like sleep and body temperature. The boy has been evaluated by a number of psychiatrists, psychologists and eating disorder specialists who really don’t feel that this is an eating disorder, and there’s definitely something physical going on. No one knows what caused this affliction.

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