Unsolved Mysteries: 50 Strange Cases From The States of America

Kansas: The baffling disappearance of Randy Leach

This we know. Randy Leach, a teenager from Leavenworth County vanished in the early hours of April 16, 1988. Nearly 3 decades later, not much else is known. There are plenty of clues, theories, and rumors but not enough pieces of the puzzle to answer the question; where’s Randy?

April 15, 1988, Randy left that Friday night in his mother’s car. Spotted at a Linwood convenient store, he seemed fine. An hour later around 10, he arrived at a party where witnesses said he didn’t seem fine. Randy seemed messed-up when he arrived and later investigative records indicate a man admitted he smoked randy up about 2 hours before the party. A lot of stories but little clarity. Various witnesses later claimed Randy couldn’t walk. Last seen around 2 am that Saturday, he vanished into a dark night full of even darker tales. The next morning it dawned on Randy’s parents that their son had not made it home. An early morning dash to the party scene only fueled their angst. No sign of Randy and they believed the Leavenworth County Sherrif’s office treated him as a runaway. The Leaches worried the detectives delayed talking to classmates at the party. The records confirmed that the detectives waited for 5 weeks to search the scene.

And the rumors, possible Randy sightings, satanic worship, and drugs in the area. 6 months after Randy vanished, one man told Edwardsville police “he was abducted and taken into a Leavenworth County cave where he saw a male nude body hanging. He believed it was a satanic sacrifice and thought at the time that it might be Randy Leach. While he admitted to being high, records show he passed the lie-detecting test 3 times. Days later, Edwardsville police with the help of a satanic expert were ready to search that cave but police reports revealed: “Leavenworth County threatened to arrest them if they did.” It was another 2 years before Leavenworth County and KBI investigators searched the cave telling the Leaches “they had found nothing.”

And then there’s the foot, found along the Kansas river almost a year after Randy disappeared coincidentally found by one of the party-goers who last saw him. “A foot in a white low-cut tennis shoe,” the description record reveal of the shoe that Randy wore the night he disappeared. What really happened that night, we may never know the truth.

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