Unsolved Mysteries: 50 Strange Cases From The States of America

Kentucky: The meat shower

The Kentucky Meat shower was a morbid event occurring on March 3rd, 1876 near the town of Rankin in Bath County Kentucky. A local family farmstead was suddenly showered with wet, red, and pink blobs discovered to be raw flesh. This meat shower lasted for several minutes in an area of roughly 100 x 50 yards in size. Tests were carried by researchers and civilians alike and claims were made that the flesh was mutton, lamb or even bear. No one knew for certain what the host body was that this flesh came from.

Portions of this meat were bottled and given over to the New York Scientific Association for analysis but this only led to a far more disturbing and grim outcome. Doctors determined that the flesh had been identified as lung tissue from either a horse or a human infant. The makeup of the flesh was later determined to contain not only lung tissue but muscle tissue as well as cartilage. There is a theory that a large formation of vultures had vomited from overhead which they are known to do even altogether at once but with the link of time that this meat rain fell, this doesn’t seem like a valid explanation. What makes the Kentucky meat shower so disturbing is that the meat could have very well been human and the cause of the phenomenon was never discovered.

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