Unsolved Mysteries: 50 Strange Cases From The States of America


Sept. 7, 1982, a fishing boat worth $85,000 is seen burning off on the coast of Craig. The boat is owned by Mark Coulthurst and his boat is named the Investor. What looks like an accident, at first sight, is nothing but a gruesome crime scene that shook the state to its core. It has been termed by many as Alaska’s most infamous unsolved mystery. When the boat is approached, Coulthrust is found dead and besides him lay seven other dead bodies that had been shot and left to burn. Among the victims are Colthrust’s wife Irene(28); his two children, Kimberley(5), and John(4); his cousin Mike Stewart and 3 other crew members.

The pervasive impact of fire had destroyed all the physical evidence and the only thing the investigators knew was the apparent use of a .22 caliber weapon. The concerned authorities chased various leads with little to no success for almost a year. However, they did manage to make the first arrest after two years. Four years after the killings, a 24-year-old Bellingham man, John Kenneth Peel wen on trial but there wasn’t even a shred of single concrete evidence to prove him guilty. We may never know the motive or the person behind these horrendous killings.

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