Unsolved Mysteries: 50 Strange Cases From The States of America

Massachusetts: The Black Flash of Provincetown

October 1938, Provincetown, Massachusetts. The people were under an attack by an ominous black-cloaked figure. Frightened children began returning home from a night with a scary story to tell. They claimed to have seen an extremely tall figure dressed all in black which would appear out of nowhere to growl ominously and then to disappear just as suddenly in a flash. Some of these reports claimed that the thing had a hideous deformed face and glowing eyes. Yet as obviously upset and shaken these children were, the adults didn’t take it all very seriously. After all, this was the Halloween season and it all seemed like an over imagination or someone playing a prank.

Then, one night a woman named Mary Costa was walking alone along shadowy streets past the city hall when she claimed that an impossibly tall figure around 8 feet tall had leaped out of some bushes to loom menacingly in front of her. The thing was described as having long pointed ears and glowing eyes which had used to coldly stare at the frightened woman for a moment before rapidly fleeing the scene in a series of inhuman incredible leaps, far beyond what a person should have been capable of. Curiously, the police would often get different reports from different areas of town practically at the same time, suggesting that the thing was either incredibly fast, could somehow teleport, could fly, or that there were more than one of them. ” In 1945, a group of policemen actually reported seeing the figure leap a 10-foot fence. About a month later, a man threw boiling water at the figure, sending it screaming into the night. It was never seen again.”

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