Unsolved Mysteries: 50 Strange Cases From The States of America

New Mexico: What was really going on in Roswell?

In 1947, a local rancher found what claimed to be a flying saucer that had crashed on his land. The debris was brought to a military base to study. The military claimed it was nothing but a weather balloon but when it was sent to other bases in Texas and Ohio for further tests… When the story leaked, sensational news reports made Roswell a symbol of government conspiracies to cover-up the existence of visitors from other planets. The incident sparked a UFO scare and inspired decades of science fiction movies.

Then, 50 years after the incident, the air force released a report admitting that the wreckage was part of the secret system of atomic espionage. But for real believers, this is just another cover-up. The town of Roswell has made a cottage industry out of UFOs ever since. Thousands of the curios and the crazy come to Roswell’s UFO museum every year, drawn by the strange story of the 1947 incident. A mystery that may never be solved.

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