Unsolved Mysteries: 50 Strange Cases From The States of America

New York: Who Killed Stanley Gryziec?

Rome, Newyork. From 1957 to 1976, Stanley Gryziec and his family owned a small liquor store and gas station in the heart of town. Stanley and his wife Esther lived right next door to the family business. Their life seemed happy and secure until the night of November 6, 1976. Two men broke into the house wearing ski masks, they tied Esther up and began ransacking the house. When Stanley encountered them and tried to stop them, one of the men attacked him. Esther played dead while the two men stayed at their place for as much as 2 hours as they looked through the house. After they left Esther somehow freed herself and discovered that Stanley had been murdered.

After thoroughly searching the ransacked house, investigators determined that the only things missing were two bottles of beer from the refrigerator. The next day the family was finally permitted to enter the home. Stanley’s son made a disturbing discovery which curiously the police had overlooked. He happened to notice a shell casing on the rug and immediately called the police department. The autopsy revealed that Stanley was killed by a 25 caliber bullet fired through his chest. Who killed Stanley and why? What is that the two men were looking for in his house? Did he know something he wasn’t supposed to? There are no answers to these questions and the case remains unsolved.

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