Unsolved Mysteries: 50 Strange Cases From The States of America

North Dakota: Eugene Butler’s crawl space

Eugene Butler was a recluse who suffered from hallucinations and was considered a public nuisance. He owned a farm in Niagara, North Dakota and it was later in 1906 when he was admitted to a local lunatic asylum after turning paranoid. On October 22, 1913, he died in the asylum but it was only the beginning of the strange case of Eugene Butler. In 1915, workmen went to excavate his house and what they saw in the crawl space sent shivers down their spine. They discovered six skeletons, their skulls were crushed by a sharp instrument and two of the skeletons had their legs broken. People in the town didn’t know of a family or any person who had disappeared and they had not heard from. The investigation revealed the skeletons were young men aged 15-18.  Their identities remain a mystery to this day.

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