Unsolved Mysteries: 50 Strange Cases From The States of America

Oklahoma: The Jamison Family

A family of three mysteriously vanishes into thin mountain air and the circumstances surrounding the puzzling disappearances of Bobby, Sherilynn, and 6-year-old Madison Jamison just before Halloween scares their family. But could their haunted house actually have scared the Jamisons to death? Sherilynn and Jamison were known to dabble in the world of the supernatural, on a container near her home she scrolled graffiti about witches and black cats. When she couldn’t cast out the spirits inhabiting the family’s house in the little town of Eufala, Oklahoma, the family decided to move. Now the remote sandboy’s mountains about 30 miles hold all the dark secrets. It’s where the couple was heading with their young daughter the day they disappeared. But when relatives discovered they hadn’t returned after 4 days, they started to panic, as they feared the worst.

After 7 days in counting, nagging suspicion became a resounding alarm. Then on the 8th day a distressing discovery…

The Jamison’s truck is found by a local hunter with the family dog alive and trapped inside. The hunt for the Jamison family intensified and the mystery grew after deputies come through their truck and found disturbing clues hidden inside. Angry letters, a cellphone photo of Madison taken the day the family disappeared, empty pill bottles and $32k in cash. Empty pill bottles were found in the car but no other evidence of drugs was found in their home or their car. Also in the truck, investigators found disturbing letters. Sherilynn’s own handwritten notes revealed that she was frustrated with her husband. For years the search for the Jamisons continued despite the difficult terrain. One day, four years after the Jamisons vanished, the mountain finally gave up its secret. Human remains were found just 3 miles from where the family abandoned their truck. The partial remains of three skeletons found in the mountains were so decomposed, it took 8 months to confirm it was the Jamisons. Rumors swirled again about criminals, drugs or that the Jamisons died by murder-suicide. But investigators never found any physical evidence that offered proof. What exactly happened on that fateful day remains a mystery.

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