Unsolved Mysteries: 50 Strange Cases From The States of America

Pennsylvania: Boy in the box

When authorities arrived on February 25, 1957, they found that the naked body was that of a boy between the ages of 4-6 years old displaying signs of severe malnourishment. The body was discovered in a cardboard box in the woods outside Philadelphia. His fingerprints were run through hospital records and extensive databases but didn’t come back with a single record. It was also found that no one had any record of a missing child fitting the description of what the media was calling “the boy in the box.” Orphanages all over the country were also approached but none of them had any information or knowledge about the boy as well. The boy was a complete cipher as was whoever had killed him. It wasn’t even known exactly how he died although he had suffered several blows to his head. The case remains cold all these years later.

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