Unsolved Mysteries: 50 Strange Cases From The States of America

Arkansas: The Gurdon Light

The Gurdon light, located in Arkansan, the mysterious phenomenon has left many speculating its source for decades. Is it a natural occurrence or a supernatural discovery? Mystifying the people of Gurdon for almost 90 years, the light has been described as a glowing orb of light that floats above the path of the former railroad tracks. The light has been reported bobbing around in a myriad of colors ranging from white, blue, orange, red and even an eerie green. It is said to appear during both day and night but if you try to get too close it will vanish.

There are many stories behind this strange phenomenon but the most well known of them all is that of a mysterious railroad worker who was struck by a train and beheaded. However, there’s no evidence of a railroad worker ever being killed in Gurdon let alone beheaded. The first recorded appearance of the light was in 1932 when a railroad conductor sighted it following the train from behind. While the beheaded rail worker may not be true, there are several theories as to what the Gurdon light could possibly be. Some people say that the light emanates from the cars at the nearby highway, the only problem being there was no highway in 1932 when the light was first documented. Some scientists claim that the light is produced from the swamp gas but even that theory has its critics. Because the Gurdon light appears in all types of weather, the swamp gas theory does not retain merit.

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