Unsolved Mysteries: 50 Strange Cases From The States of America

South Carolina: The Lizard Man

In 19988, a creature was spotted in Leen County, South Carolina… half lizard-half man. Christopher Davis, 17, had just finished changing a flat tire near Scape Ore Swamp in Bishopville, South Carolina. he reported seeing a red-eyed devil about 30 yards away. As the story goes, Davis got in his car and sped off, but he claimed the creature managed to chase him down and jump on the hood of his car before he was able to shake him.

Lizardman sightings have since become a regular enough occurrence in the area, the latest reported in 2015 when local man Jim Wilson claimed he saw “something come out of the woods and run across the Scrape Ore Bridge.” he described it as a “tall, dark figure that had a tail and appeared to have scales almost like an alligator with a short nose and long legs.” “To this day, the mystery hasn’t been solved,” reports the Smithsonian.

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