Unsolved Mysteries: 50 Strange Cases From The States of America

South Dakota: The strange fate of Tom Keuter

It all began early Friday morning June 24th, 1994. Tina Marcotte finished her shift and called a friend to tell her that she had a flat tire, but her coworker Tom Keuter was going to give her a ride home. It was the last time anyone spoke to Tina Marcotte. When police went to check on Tina’s car, they discovered that the Tyre had most likely been slashed with a knife. It suggested foul play, perhaps murder. “Tom denied giving Tina a ride anywhere or even being out there. He stated that he had been at a softball game, he had given a friend a ride home and his car had broken down and he had spent approximately 3-4 hours fixing his car under a streetlight.”

Things weren’t adding up and this led the police to believe that Tom was involved in Tina’s disappearance. Three days after Tina disappeared, the police interviewed Tom at the lumberyard where he used to work. The next morning Tom Keuter was dead. He had been run over by his own forklift. Police suspected that he had committed suicide. However, Tom’s family believes that he was murdered. According to the police theory, “Tom made sexual advances towards Teena and when he was rejected, the result was murder.” Sixteen months after Tina Marcotte disappeared, her body was found under a woodpile at Tom’s workplace. She had been hit on the head with a blunt object.

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