Unsolved Mysteries: 50 Strange Cases From The States of America

Virginia: The Old House Woods

No place in all of Virginia is thought to be more haunted than the “Old House Woods” located in Diggs County. Whether witnesses speak of glowing green orbs, headless ghost dogs or floating pirate ships, it’s a premier spot for ghost hunters all over Virginia and beyond. The legend goes that in the 1600s abandoned pirates stopped in the woods to bury their treasure, wishing to later return. However, before they could, a storm demolished their ship and the treasure was never recovered.

Paranormal investigators that have come here have claimed to have collected photos of ghostly images, bizarre videos of strange lights or figures and EVP recordings ranging from voices to footsteps to even the sound of cannon fire, all of which were not audible at the time of recording. Whether you believe in the hauntings or not, the site is definitely serious. For believers, people have been seriously attacked and injured, some emotionally stunted and some haunted for a lifetime. Over the years, hundreds of people have gone missing within these woods.

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