Unsolved Mysteries: 50 Strange Cases From The States of America

West Virginia: The Octopus mystery

Martinsburg, West Virginia. It starts off like any other workday at a local hotel. The housekeeper opens one of the rooms to clean it. Nothing prepares her for what she finds inside the room. Hotel guest Danny Casolaro is lying in a tub of bloody water. Danny is an investigative journalist from Virginia, Washington D.C. He’s clearly dead. Martinsburg police arrive on the scene. In the room, they find a suicide note and a single razor blade in the bathtub. Danny’s wrists have been slashed 12 times, 8 cuts on his left wrist and 4 cuts on his right. There are no signs of a struggle. Danny’s body is taken to a local funeral home later that afternoon, but strangely his friends and family aren’t told about his death until 2 days later.

Just a few days before Danny Casolaro died, he told his friends that he was on the verge of breaking a huge story. The story he code-named “the Octopus”. Danny claimed to have proof that some officials in the U.S justice department were corrupt. Many suspect that Danny’s death was not a suicide, they believe that he was murdered because he knew too much. There was no sign of Dany’s research papers, to this day, not one of those papers has been found.

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