Unsolved Mysteries: 50 Strange Cases From The States of America

Wisconsin: The demon bunkbed in the Tallman house

In early February of 1957, Tallman family brought home a bunk bed they had purchased at a secondhand furniture shop. They assembled the bed and installed it in their basement. When the bunk bed was moved upstairs, it marked the beginning of 9 months of horror for the Tallmans. From the moment the bed was first slept in, the house appeared to be haunted by spirits that terrorized first the children, then the entire family. The house of the Tallamans had no known history of hauntings before. Within weeks, the Tallman children who had been rarely been sick began to fall ill. Tallman’s 2-year-old daughter was sleeping in the bunk bed. She began to see things in her room.

“At one time my daughter had talked about a witch behind her door and the fire and we had never mentioned it to our son at all and then about a month later he said that he saw an old lady standing by my door and she glowed like fire. At this point, I began to think that our house was haunted.” Mrs. Tallman exclaimed. The Tallamans claimed they never had a moment of peace, doors banged open and shut, strange voices called to them, the vision’s persisted, the children were terrorized. Only a month later, the family fled from the house they had thought would be their dream home. 2 weeks after they fled their home, the Tallman had their bunk bed destroyed. The Tallamans have moved to another city now and so far the have experienced no paranormal phenomenon.

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