Unsolved Mysteries: 50 Strange Cases From The States of America

Florida: The spontaneous combustion of Mary Reeser

On the night of July 1st, 1951, Mary Reeser, a 67-year-old woman was wearing a nightgown, bedroom slippers, and housecoat and was about to go to bed. This is how she was last seen by her son Richard and her friend and landlady Mrs. Carpenter. At 8’o clock the next morning, a messenger boy from western union came to deliver a telegram for Mrs.Reeser but was unable to get an answer when he knocked on the door. The boy asked Mrs. Carpenter to help him and the two went to the room but when she tried to open the room, the doorknob was hot. Alarmed, the landlady ran outside to get help and some nearby housepainters were able to force the door open.

When they did, they were met with an immense blast of heat. The inside of the apartment was extremely hot despite the windows being open and in a small corner of the room was the burnt remains of a chair and all that was left of Mrs. Reeser i.e ashes, bones, and severely shrunken skull. However, in a strange manner, her left foot appeared to be untouched, not even her slipper was marred. “Apparently, her body had been almost entirely cremated, which is mind-boggling when you consider that cremation requires three hours of burning in a 3,000-degree fire.”     What’s more astonishing is that the rest of the apartment was intact(including a pile of newspapers beside her body) except the small portion of her area where the old woman had been sitting. The true cause of the fire was never determined and to this day remains a mystery.

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